MOBILE VERIFICATION SYSTEM(MVS) is an SMS application that is used to verify information about people like criminal record of a person in case it is necessary, or verify information about document like driving license, diploma , certificates or degrees. This will be done by only using MOBILE PHONE SMS.
The use of MVS is very simple: just within SMS interface in your MOBILE PHONE, write a key word you're given,leave space then write ID_NUMBER of a person or a document you want to verify and send to a specified number! The system will give you relevant information about the person or id you entered.

A typical example we presented is a case of criminal record verification:
The system has database containing criminal records of people and person's description. User of the system (local leader)will send an SMS containing a key word crime and id_number; and send to a specified number. The system will respond if the person's id_number has crime or not. If you write a wrong key word or wrong id_number, the user will receive an SMS telling him that the key word or id_number is wrong.