Program: Nigeria Summer 2012

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MyShopper is a mobile app that allows people order groceries and gift items and we offer a delivery service
Value proposition: Speed of delivery between 1 - 5 hours (depending on preference)
Convenience - receive orders at home or at a location of your choice
Quality assurance - we only work with the most reputable stores around
We capture value by letting customers pay on delivery, we intend scaling to become a local delivery solution for well established brands, supermarkets and chain-stores
We currently have a running app (our minimum viable product) and we have a business model we intend to implement in our University campus.


Myshopper is a delivery service that allows people order and receive grocery products purchased from reputable stores in Nigeria using Myshopper’s web based platforms (mobile application and website) right from the comfort of their homes.

Delivery services involve intensive logistics and as a result not so many businesses in Nigeria specialize in it. However we have developed an effective model to handle this challenge. The model is briefly described below:
ACCESS: Most delivery orders will be made through our mobile app which will be available on all smart phones starting with Android, Blackberry, Iphones and Nokia Symbian phones as well as on our website. As a result, unlike most delivery services in Nigeria, orders will not be made via calls. This reduces the cost to the customer since the app is totally free and it improves service quality as there is no room for mistakes with the order.
QUALITY ASSURANCE: We plan to work with only a few reputable shops starting with Shoprite. This provides our customers with a Quality assurance promise since they would also know that we only buy from the most reputable stores
SPEED: To ensure speedy delivery, goods will be transported via deliverymen on motorcycles. We will ensure we have a supplier within every 10km radius, thus we estimate that every deliveries will have an average life time of one hour i.e. the time from when a consumer’s order is confirmed till the time of delivery
MODE OF PAYMENT: We will provide multiple payment options including a “pay cash on delivery” model that will allow people pay when they receive the product.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)