Program: Nigeria Summer 2012

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DigiRev Company is an innovative start-up company involved in the development of mobile applications which provide solutions to basic needs of the people. We are dedicated, committed and professional in our work. Our goal is to make an impact in the growth and development of Nigeria, solving problems and creating opportunities where there seems to be no hope.




The Virtual Market Application (Our Product) is a mobile application which provides information of Retail and Departmental Stores in Lagos and updates on their present stock and prices. Generally, it handles providing information about businesses that offer services to customers. Through this application, users will be able to discover new and existing stores and also compare prices of the same items in different stores. Our innovative product gives the user fore-hand information on items they wish to purchase before heading out to buy them.
The application serves as a form of advertisement for the listed businesses and users can discover new places within and outside their community where they can have access to services they desire (such as supermarket, restaurants, drycleaning services etc.)