Program: Ghana Summer 2012


Is it that time of the semester? Are you worried about your hostel accommodation especially as you stay many miles away from your campus.? Are you concerned about long queues and the hustle you will go through looking for and booking hostel for the coming semester. No more worries, you have STAIRWAY. This is a web application that provides all the information about hostels on your campuses and as well enables you to book n pay for room accommodation . With stairway your campus accommodation is just a click away!!!


STAIRWAY is a web application that provides platform for students in Ghana to book and pay for hostel accommodations electronically.
With Stairway students are provided with all hostels available on their campuses. Students also have information about the hostel location, kinds of rooms available , price for various rooms, deposit required, facilities in the hostel etc to help them make an informed decision . From there they are able to register for a room by providing their student id number and all other relevant informations and make payment subsequently . Students are given notification through emails to confirm reservation n payment. Hostel mangers as we'll have access to reports on reservation n payment made.