Program: Ghana Summer 2012

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With over 700,000 people dying anually through out the world from consuming uncertified products, the time to curb counterfeiting is long overdue. Very-Fi is a system we have put in place to minimize the mortality rate from unwholesome food consumption if not to stop it totally.
We aspire to reach every Ghanaian through SMS, internet and voice. We hope to partner with manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and the consumer to create a safe consumer market.


Very-Fi is an SMS and Web application that allows users to verify if a product for consumption is certified by the Ghana Food and Drugs Board (FDB)or the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA).
The user would either send the name of the product or the FDB number to a short code or enter it at the Web interface. The query result containing the manufacturers name, product description as well as package features would then be sent to the user if product has been registered. Otherwise, an alert informing the consumer that the product has not been registered would be sent.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)