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Program: Nigeria Summer 2012

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PC Tool Kit is an offline innovation from DeviceFix Consulting, running on the Android mobile platform, with the sole objective of tackling simple personal computer problems experienced by users daily. Its sole goal is limiting the problems tackled by computer technicians to major technical issues and not simple problems that can be solved by following series of steps, typing few commands or by a few clicks. This innovation reduces extra cost and stress,and also improves the knowledge of the user with his or her computer or mobile device. The mobile app also provides recommendations on trustworthy service companies to visit, when technical problems are beyond the capacity of the user.



DeviceFix Consulting is a start-up service company whose sole goal is to provide solutions to problems encountered frequently with computers and mobile devices. Computer and mobile systems develop problems and it takes some effort in solving the problems which in most cases, actually involve trivial solutions. Our mission is to provide solutions that assist and educate people with technical related problem in ways that are very easy to understand. We also offer technical advice and recommendations on reliable service companies to visit when problems prove to cumbersome for our users.