Student Planner

Program: Philippines Summer 2012


Students usually have trouble with time management, trying to balance their academic life with other obligations, such as organizations, part-time jobs, and their social lives. With the student planner, time management is no longer a problem because students can plan their own schedules, or let the planner do it for them. The planner would be prioritizing their academics, taking into consideration their class schedules and study habits. It is tailored for students, but can also be for anyone with time management problems.


The Student Planner is unlike your ordinary planner. Using the Google Calendar API for its calendar, it prompts the user when there are upcoming events or deadlines. The user may be an individual or an organization. When a user is a member of an organization, the events and activities of that organization may automatically reflect on the user's personal calendar. Since it is tailored for students, the user's class schedule will also automatically reflect on the calendar.