Program: Philippines Summer 2012

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Tourism in the Philippines is a lucrative industry that attracts millions of tourists annually. The application interfaces with Google Maps to help tourists in navigating and visiting the various tourist spots in the country. It features two views: Map View and Street View. The user can filter the tourist spots on the map according to their preferences (historical places, beaches, mountaineering, food trip, etc). Other helpful information such as location and suggested activities will also be available. It also has social media plug-in that enables the user to rate, view other users' posts, and post about his own trip.



DestinationPH is a mobile application that serves as a guide for traveling in the Philippines. Efficient and user-friendly, it enables the user to get to his tourist destination in a snap and hassle-free. It helps the user from deciding which place to visit to getting the best travel experience.

By providing useful information such as distance, estimated travel time, and suggested activities, among others, the application enables the user to maximize his visit and make use of his time effectively. The application makes it easier for the user to find hotels and places to eat. The user can filter the locations on the map depending on the adventure he would like to take--history, beach, diving, mountaineering, nature, partying, festivals, and food trip. DestinationPH has social media plug-ins so the user can post or rate his recent trip and also see feedback from other users.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)