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Program: Philippines Summer 2012

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Are you always lost? Don't know how to get from one place to another?

With JeePS, you will now be able to roam around the city using the available public utility vehicles with ease!

That's right! With our Jee-P-S you will never get lost!

Our pilot location will be the business district of Makati so YuPees or Young Professionals, Students and anyone with smart phones can now go around the busy streets of Makati.



Public transport has been a primary way of getting around Metro Manila. There are 9.4 million people in Metro Manila as of 2002, 8 out of every 10 of which commute. The complex transportation system of public utility vehicles have confused many commuters. The absence of a comprehensive “commuter's guide” is the cause of this.

Our project aims to address this problem by mapping out routes of public transportation using GPS, Google Map overlays, and data from LTFRB about routes and fares. The pilot implementation will focus on routes in Metro Manila.

Our team can do this project because we are composed of diverse individuals. We all have experience in software engineering, and we are excited to apply our lessons in CS 172 to solve real life problems.