Program: Nigeria Summer 2011

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People’s ability to keep good financial records is one that is in doubt, the fault mostly is attributed to the fact that there aren’t too many financial/expense report books available to do that, and it’s even cumbersome having to carry an extra ‘luggage’ so to say in a bid to track down one’s financial expenses.

As this comes as a challenge, so is this need to have a proper financial statement and expense report as it relates with the various accounts that people keep, some usually cant track down, how far they have dipped into their account(s) and what’s left thereof. In the light of this, Pluss was conceived, a mobile based finance management application to remove the bottlenecks and the stress that usually comes with having a detailed and accurate expense report. It works in two ways -:
a. It helps keep track of cash available at hand and expenses by providing various interfaces to help account for how much money’s been spent and what’s been spent on.
b. It aggregates with your bank account which integrates with various financial channels that details your account balance, various ATM channels you have used your card, POS terminals you have used and you can have a bird’s eye view on your account.



Pluss is a J2ME based solution that allows for easy reporting of expenses, cash available at hand, and other sundry things around our finances that we rarely remember to record. It also allows for a seamless integration with bank account(s) that allows statement of account to be supplied at the touch of a button, available balance is made available and various channels on which the account card has been used to make a purchase or transact a business