Program: Nigeria Summer 2011

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Traffic Congestion has always been a major in Nigeria. Often, we get trapped in traffic for long hours when moving from one place to another by road. A typical example is what is experienced in lagos on a daily basis and people spend an averaage of two to three hour on traffic daily.

As a result of this, we lose our precious time, Money 'Time is money', We miss appointments, miss events, and so on.

So, here's the big question. CAN TRAFFIC BE AVOIDED? We say yes it can be avoided, if you have the right information. If you have the prior knowledge of traffic situation of the roads you intend to pass, that way, you wil be able to make guided decision on routes to take to get to your destination especially when there are alternative routes.

Our solution, Navigate will provide the up-to-date information of the roads situations for the routes to get to your destination. It doesn't just do this, it also starts by giving you the direction to destination, helping you navigate the roads correctly. This way, we can make critical decisions regards timing and routes

Our major source of information will be from the road users themselves. They will be given the opportunity to help other by sharing thier experience on the roads. Premium users however will get traffic alerts for routes of their choice on a daily basis.

NaviGate will be capable of analyzing all alternative routes to move between two different locations and will also include a system generated rating to advice the users on the accuracy of traffic information aggregated from all sources being explored.



NaviGate is a mobile traffic notification application that will provide real time traffic information to road users to enable them make critical decisions as to which routes to take to get to their destinations the fastest especially when alternative routes are available.

NaviGate will initially be implemented as a mobile web application to allow road users access to traffic information on-the-go. It will also be bundled with SMS-based functionality for users with feature phones.

NaviGate will provide road users with information on how to navigate between different locations and will also provide report on the traffic situation on roads along navigation path. The system will basically run on crowdsourced traffic data while pulling directions from Google Maps.