Program: Sri Lanka Summer 2012

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FireLimeZ’s goal is to enable easy access to child health care information for parents caring for their children. Our application will be targeted to young parents in urban areas who have busy lifestyles and are always looking for technology to solve their problems. With “Senehasa” these parents will have a solution. “Senehasa” provides real time information such as vaccination time table, height to weight ratio, location based clinic search, and latest updates from the health ministry.



With the busy life styles in day-to-day time conscious world, parents are not keep in touch with the time schedules of vaccinations of their infants. So “Senehasa” was developed as a mobile application where mainly focus on reminding system for the parents about the child health care. Our application mainly has two key features which are Vaccination time table and a height to weight ratio chart. Additionally “Senehasa” provides information about the medical consulting centers in a particular area which is required by parents in case of need arises at illness to their child. Furthermore it involves in uplifting the awareness of child health by providing current updates and articles from child specialist doctors.