Program: Sri Lanka Summer 2012

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You are driving home in the evening after a heavy day at work. Suddenly your phone starts to ring. You reach over and check who is calling and realize that the call is from home. You take the phone on your left hand, grip the steering wheel tightly with the other, look straight ahead to check for any sign of police and then quickly answer the phone because you don't want to keep your loved once worried.. But the moment the phone is placed on your ear, you are worried that police will be right around the corner. So you are constantly on the lookout and  end the call as soon as possible and get back to driving mode. Does this happen to you more often than not? Well you are not alone. It's a common scenario in our busy lifestyle.



Worry no more! We at GlassCUBE have come up with DriveMODE, an android based offline mobile application to help you pick up your incoming calls while driving. DriveMODE will function solely through voice commands where you will simply have to say "yes" or "no" to answer/reject your incoming calls. If you choose to answer the incoming call by saying "yes" the call will be automatically set to loudspeaker mode hence ridding you of the need of any hand gestures. Since DriveMODE will also announce to you who is calling, you do not have to look at the phone screen any more .You can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times, obeying the law and free from police fines!