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Program: Rwanda Summer 2011

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75% of all the people we asked agreed with us that it is difficult to search for companies' addresses here in Rwanda.
With OSCA directory,that problem will only be a nightmare for individuals,as it will make it easy to search for not only addresses but also save time and money while booking for meeting or wedding halls.
OSCA directory will enable businesses to increase their exposure on the market and attract new types of clients.
OSca directory is easy to use and above all uses available resources i.e whether you have karasharamye or a smartphone,you can use OSCA directory.
The advantage of OSCA directory over other addresses search tools like former Rwandatel phone book or Yellow Pages is that we are bringing it at the right moment and delivering information with trending technologies unlike yellow pages which are internet based and came at a time where few people had access to Internet.For Rwandatel,providing information including landlines is not relevant anymore as an insignificant portion of the population is the only ones still using them.So we grabbed the opportunity and used SMS and Web applications to provide information

Get ready to have information just one SMS away!


OSCA directory is an SMS and Web based application that connect individuals and companies by allowing individuals to search for business addresses easily and be able to book a hall or meeting room.
businesses will register to our system by subscription.
Users will be able to retrieve addresses by sending keyword:'osca'+ the place you want the address.
To book,you only need to send the keyword:'booking'+place+date you need it+your names.
Or for people with internet access you can go to our soon to be launched website.

OSCA directory is an application developed from python and django.