Program: Sri Lanka Summer 2011

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Favatars is a fun and interactive social networking application for Android that helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Currently, too many people face health-related issues because they do not have adequate dietary knowledge. Favatars seeks to eliminate that gap.


Vision: A large portion of the world’s population faces health related issues due to imbalanced dietary problems because individuals are not knowledgeable about what the aspects of a healthy lifestyle are. Favatars seeks to alleviate the knowledge gap by creating a fun and interactive social networking mobile application that encourages people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product: The focal point of the Favatars application is the user’s avatar, which alters its appearance based on what, the user consumes and how much the user exercises. It engages the user to start thinking about nutrition and health as the user must feed its avatar, thereby visualizing the effects of food products on their physical appearance. The application also features the ability for users to see their friends’ avatars, post comments and share about food and exercise. This product is implemented on the Android platform.

Business Model: Our main business model is to provide location-based advertising in the Favatars application. We are currently in the process of reaching out to potential advertisers and established ad networks. There is also an opportunity to monetize the app via virtual goods, such as clothing and other accessories users can use to enhance their avatars.

Our Team: The founders of Favatars are entrepreneurs who are undergraduates at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. We are equipped with a variety of technical and entrepreneurial skill, which will enable to develop Favatars into the next socio-digital phenomenon.