Program: Sri Lanka Summer 2011

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Team: ThenaHari consists of five students from the University of Moratuwa (four from Computer Science and Engineering Department and one from Electronic and Telecommunication). Furthermore, our startup is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) mobile incubation program. Business experts from MIT serve as our advisers. In short, we have the knowledge and experience in mobile communications and business to solve this problem. And since we too are victims of this problem, we have a burning commitment to deliver an accurate product that can be of help both to us and millions of others.



ThenaHari is a mobile application that supplies an alarm when a user approaches their desired geographical destination. No longer do travelers have to worry about missing their bus or train stop. ThenaHari allows people to ride easy-- to listen to music, read books, or just sleep. Given the number of commuters in Sri Lanka, we believe our product will be useful to a big population and has a commensurately large revenue potential.