Program: Sri Lanka Summer 2011


We are four enthusiastic and result-oriented student entrepreneurs from the University of Moratuwa. We have the right mix of business and technical skills to make our startup a success.


iCommute is a mobile-based real time traffic map plus notification system focusing on the Colombo metro area, which suffers from severe traffic congestion.

With approximately 200,000 vehicles enter the Colombo city around the same time each day, studies have shown that traffic congestion is so severe that 1.5% of Sri Lanka’s GDP is wasted. To improve Sri Lanka’s economic growth, iCommute seeks to provide traffic information to travelers so that Colombo’s traffic congestion may be alleviated.

Utilizing the power of crowd-sourcing to gather real time traffic data, iCommute generates meaningful information to help individuals avoid and navigate through the traffic. With our application, users can report location-specific traffic related issues such as heavy jams, roadwork, accidents etc. on their mobile phones. The data will be processed and then displayed on a live traffic map when individuals use our application to request traffic information for a particular location. The application also dispatches traffic notifications to subscribed users via SMS.