Program: Nigeria Summer 2011



Gone are the days where you'll need a 3inch rubber soled shoe to help in walking around searching for job vacancies from office to office...
Gone are the days when you needed to scour pages of newspapers,classified adverts,magazines and other print mediums to get a job vacancy...Now you can get all those information on the go...yes ...on your mobile phone.
Introducing the TING Mobile Job Finder, a web-based mobile application that streams job listings to your web account. Sign Up now it's FREE and EASY!!!...


The TING MOBILE JOB FINDER® is a web based mobile application that provides job listings to mobile phone users. The application also has a webpage view for those who wish to access the application by Internet-enabled phones or computers. What the TING MOBILE JOB FINDER® does is that, each job seeker provides career-centric and preferred location information on signing in as a new user, so job listings that pertain to that particular job-seeker would be sent accordingly. This helps in sorting available jobs and distributing them efficiently. The job seeker gets the related information anytime he/she logs in to his/her account.This application gives each user a personalized feel as it affords the user a profile or account on the TING MOBILE JOB FINDER® website.

Taking into consideration that this team is more or less still a start-up organization, we have short term plans which would be implemented after the product launch. Amongst these plans include:
• Development of Java, Android and Blackberry Applications which connects to your online account, retrieves new job listings and then displays it right on your phone.
• Organizing of seminars to prepare job seekers better for their dream jobs.
Provision of scholarship information and so on.

From this little sneak peek one can see that the TING MOBILE JOB FINDER® has come to stay and make job seeking a lot easier.