Program: Ghana Summer 2011

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GHWorld Inc. is a company based in Ghana where we develop web based applications and I would like to talk to you about our product Akwaaba.

As you may already know, in Ghana it is very difficult to find hotels and make reservations via the internet. This is because most hotels in Ghana do not have websites.

Akwaaba provides a means for the user to find hotels in Ghana, make reservations and pay for them all via the internet. It also provides hotels exposure to a larger market since Akwaaba can be accessed on any internet enabled device.



GHWorld is a group that produces mobile web software solutions. Our maiden project, Akwaaba is in its development phase. Akwaaba is an online hotel reservation mobile web application that has the following features:
1. Searching for Hotels in Ghana.
2. Allows for comments and rating.
3. Allows for user to make reservation and pay for them.
4. Allows for clients(Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels) to register on Akwaaba.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)