Program: Kenya Summer 2011

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iShopper, intelligent shopper is a new way to shop. We help you buy your supplies via your mobile phone and have this ready for you in time when you get to the supermarket or even delivered to you. You can view various stores, compare prices and choose where to get your items if you wish to. You can also decide to shop at the location most convenient to you.
We can enable you to save your shopping lists and be able to review them each time before you shop as you decide where to shop. You can save multiple lists for different arrangements e.g. weekly groceries, birthday party and wish lists.


iShopper is a web application designed to make the shopping experience a lot more convenient. Anyone from the very busy house-help, the overwhelmed mother of a big family, and even the busy single guy can be able to save plenty of time and even some money using this application.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)