Program: Nigeria Summer 2011

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A vey common problem in this part of the world is the bridge between a customer and the service or product he or she needs especially when he is a visitor. Invenio is chiefly concerned with bridging the gap between intending customers and businesses. Services as simple as laundry or even lodging is a great problem in this part of the world.

It is mobile web based.

You search what u are looking for

Results are printed in order of proximity.

In Nigeria there are 83 million mobile phone subscribers. Out of this number, 24.3 million use their phone daily. This is a huge number. There are hundreds of thousands (over 360 000) of businesses, majority of which are small businesses in Nigeria. If they all subscibe to Invenio at N500 that gives a revenue of more than N18 million per annum.
Because of the vast number they can reach, there will also be slots for advert placements which business owners can also suscribe to. This is another form of revenue for Invenio.
It is important to note that Invenio will be avalable to end-users (intending customers) for FREE.

Local Directory listings eg and

Product/service finders eg

Invenio is targeted towards the small businesses. Both nigerianyellowpages and focus more on the bigger companies, yelp and do not have enough information about nigeria. Also invenio Is mobile web based which means that it can be accessed on the go. The local directory listings in nigeria do not currently hav that facility. Another advantage is the arrangement of search results in order of proximity.


Introducing Invenio:

In Nigeria, and indeed many parts of Africa, there is usually a gap between the flow of information.
For example, a person, especially if she is new in a locality may need to get to the nearest grocery store, gym or order pizza but may not have necessary the contact information. Hence, she is faced with the challenge of meeting her need especially during the first few days of her arrival. On the part of the service providers and sellers, the lack of information has shut them out of the wide reach they desire to consumers again due to the same bane of inadequate information.
We came out with the idea of bridging this gap and create a solution solves this problem of lack of inadequate information. We have named this product Invenio.
Invenio is a mobile based web application which will afford the inquirer the information he or she needs. Also it shall have a location detector for capable mobile devices to help find the needed service faster by location. Query result will be presented in order of relevance and proximity.
Invenio will first be introduced as a mobile site accessible on both smart-phones and feature phones. Native mobile applications will be developer later.
Invenio will empower business owners the opportunity to showcase their businesses to a wider reach of customers promoting small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.