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Program: Malaysia Summer 2015

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Here, we bring the solution. The solution is 3 in 1. But, it is not a Shampoo. It is 3 in 1 buil-in function. Halal food should be said Halal, Haram should be said Haram and Mushbooh should be said Mushbooh. And all of these, we packaged it in our application. Our application’s name is Halal4Me and its primary purpose is Halal Barcode Scanner. It is an android based application.





Project : Halal 4 Me
Team : Khalifah Solution
Halal is a term meaning lawful or ‘permissible’ while Haram means ‘impermissible’. These terms do not only encompass food and drink, but all matters of daily life. While many things are clearly halal or clearly Haram, there are some things which are not clear. These items are considered questionable and more information is needed to categorize them as Halal or Haram.
In today’s environment, regarding Halal matters, there are some issues that really need to be considered. For example, issue of misuse of the halal logo by companies or manufacturers. Recently, we came across a photo of Calsberg tin with a halal logo. Next, issue on fraudulent products and lack of consumer awareness about Halal products. This should be taken seriously by all communities. We as a team had work on application named Halal 4 Me. Halal 4 Me is a Halal Barcode Scanner and will be the first application to be introduced in Malaysia. Halal4Me is designed to help consumers find halal product easily, give awareness to consumers and discourage misused halal logos or fraudulent products. We are targeting consumers who are in Muslim communities, Muslim reverts, and Non- Muslims who are seeking for healthier and more hygienic products. Moreover, the Malaysian government has undertaken proactive action to support the development of halal service providers and to help the halal industry.
Facts obtained from ecommercemilo.com, in a 3 September 2014 report, mentioned smartphone penetration in Malaysia is now 51% and this is among the factors that drive our desire to make this application. Due to rises in this penetration and people’s rapid technology adoption, the application will be android based and benefit smartphone users. The features of the application are that it allows users to scan product barcodes and easily get results, allows users to report fraud, gives notifications to users about product certificate expirations, and keeps up-to-date data. There are several distribution channels we plan to use for the application, such as Google Play, social networks, Ad networks and joint events. Research we have done shows there are competing applications in this space, but Halal4Me makes access to information easier for consumers and will be concerning on speed of information. Users will be always be updated with the latest data. Futhermore, halal barcode scanner is available in other countries but not yet in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the only halal applications available are check the product halal’s status by entering product name.
Next, this application will be released for free. Consumer can get it from Google Play and therefore our company will be earning money from manufacturers. Our business model will be collaborating with manufacturers. The manufacturers will be sharing their product barcodes, ingredients, company name and others significant information. This application will processes all these informations, compare them with the JAKIM's halal directory and return the result to user. This application shall take first ten manufacturers to join us for free.
The testing stage of this application will be for three months. This means while using this application, the user can check and go through these ten manufacturer's product which are already certified Halal. After three months, this application will be open for more manufacturer's to join in. First ten manufacturers can join us with special discount. We will have the manufacturers paying annually for their products to be available in this application. This is one of way for manufacturers to reach their users and promote their products. It can help in boosting their marketing as well benefits the users. We are really looking supports from the manufacturers because this application will be the first halal barcode scanner to be introduced in Malaysia.
The income will be used to promote to a larger audience and research product improvements for the application to be more flexible and compatible with other nations halal certification body. This will enable the app to be used worldwide and will benefit everyone.

Muhammad Hashifi bin Mohd Nor Information Security and Assurance major
Ahmad Nazmi bin Nizam Information Security and Assurance major
Fadrol bin Ab Manaf Software Engineering major
Nur Amira Syafiqah binti Abdullah Software Engineering major