Okoa Maisha

Program: Kenya Summer 2011


Every 10 minutes in Kenya, someone needs a blood transfusion .There is a blood shortage of about 70,000 pints annually in Kenya. Blood is needed by accident victims, assisted deliveries and many other diseases like anaemia and leukemia.
60% of blood donors are secondary school students yet the shelf-life of blood is only 30 days! what happens during long holidays like christmass that come with lots of festivities and many life eventualities? This is what Okoa Maisha wants to address, building a community of continuous blood donors to ensure that no life in Kenya is lost because of lack of blood in our hospitals and the Blood Bank. We invite you to joined us and urge you to invite your family and friends to join us in this worthy course




Joining this fast growing community is probably the best decision you will ever make in your life! This is a group of people with a desire to make a positive impact in someone's life .Okoa Maisha is a platform that gives people an opportunity to encourage friends and relatives to donate blood.It helps raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and also links blood seekers to donors.
It gives the Kenya Blood Transfusion Board and other corporates a platform to reach out to donors when running blood donation drives.This makes it easier for individuals requiring blood to get in time hence save lives.
Okoa Maisha is a mobile and web based social network application.Members are able to join and invite their friends and relatives in order to create social circles where they can interact,post blood donation requests,share their experiences and encourage others to donate blood.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)