Program: South Africa Summer 2015

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We are MASEK.
Together, we are South African.

Through market research conducted, it was found that approximately 83% of local retail stores in Johannesburg believe they do not have enough of an online presence in South Africa. It was also noted during research that a large portion of the consumers were interested in the merchandise offered by local boutiques, but felt they were not exposed to enough to the local boutique's merchandise. Enter MASEK! MASEK aims to inspire and empower local boutiques, by enabling them to better communicate with buyers through a single online platform – SAyle.

SAyle is a mobile app which allows users to efficiently view and compare clothing items from various local stores which support and showcase the creations of our unique South African designers. The content viewed can be tailored to individual users to better provide them with a smoother shopping experience. One is also encouraged to share outfits they like, which introduces a social aspect to the entire concept – or as we like to call it – social shopping.

The app's ideal user is a middle to upper middle class, fashion conscious women, aged between 20 and 45. This ideal profile consists of mainly students as well young and experienced professionals, with plans further expand the profile to include men in the future. Our revenue generation would be through sales commissions, boutique and client advertisements. Marketing for SAyle will be integrated with that of the boutiques’. Furthermore, in two years’ time we are aiming to introduce customisable look books and virtual fitting rooms features to improve the SAyle user experience.

Our vision is that one day, people will easily be able to wear their love and passion for our country.
SAyle – See it. Buy it. Share it.



MASEK offers a South African mobile social shopping platform where users can purchase clothing items from their favourite boutiques and share information about their purchase with their friends and followers. The MASEK mobile platform is unique as it showcases a variety of local boutiques from which users can purchase items. Purchases will then be delivered from the boutiques to the customers. Users can also see recent purchases made by their friends as well as local celebrities through a news feed. The application is easily downloadable and will be available on the Android Play Store initially and then potentially the Apple app store.

In South Africa, local boutiques have a limited online presence, along with many local celebrities who have limited exposure to the masses. This app gives local shops and celebrities a platform to increase their online presence in manner that is relevant to the local population whilst providing easy access to a wide variety of shopping options for the customers. Our revenue scheme is based on sales commissions, as well as fixed rate advertising on the platform for boutiques, suppliers and other relevant clients.