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Program: South Africa Summer 2015

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In today's fast paced lives, grocery shopping and meal planning can be a time consuming task. Entree foods offers the convenience of easy shopping, the simplicity of online payments and the beauty of a chef planned menu.

Our team is composed of differently skilled individuals, with a good sense of interdependence and we work well together. The product we have designed offers consumers ready-to-make meal packages in a box, with ingredients that have already been proportioned and step by step graphic and text instruction on how to prepare the different meals they chose from our website. Each week, 6 meals plus the chef's special will be on the menu and customers will be allowed to order their means a week in advance.

Our prime competitors include super markets and restaurants, whose delivery channels are bigger - our business models seeks target places easy for us to reach first and foremost and establish interest in other big cities in the country; as part of our upscaling, the logistical components of our business will grow more efficient. In starting out, we aim to collaborate with some of our competitors.

In our forecast, we anticipate a very high growth margin and intend to distribute nation wide. Our financial forecast worked on a minimum of 500 meals sold per week at 150 with a R75 000 weekly profit yield.




Entrée is a web based ingredient and recipe delivery service that provides customers with fresh quality ingredients and recipes to make healthy gourmet meals at home. Entrée sources, packages and provides pre-portioned ingredients and recipes which are seasonal and cater to different dietary requirements. Every week there will be six different meals available that customers can choose from and, the ingredients and recipes will be delivered to the customer at the start of each week. The recipes will be easy to follow and time effective so that even cooking beginners can make healthy gourmet meals at home. The recipes will be planned by our chefs and the ingredients will be sourced from different local farmers and food manufacturers to ensure quality and freshness our customers.

In the current fast paced world, many people cannot afford the luxury of cooking food at home because of time constraints associated with planning meals, gathering the ingredients and cooking them. Additionally, more people want to live healthier lives by eating food that is healthy and gourmet. All of these concerns pose a unique challenge that requires an innovative solution.