Program: South Africa Summer 2015

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skyClass is a digital educational platform , that combines a social educational utility and a digital educational content development community to provide learners and instructors with customized tools to facilitate and support a holistic learning environment as well as implementing learning outcomes while presenting the curriculum in a tailored package to provide a dynamic learning experience.
Cognitive psychology research has revealed that children learn most efficiently through rehearsing and performing or practice-play digital solutions provide a cost effective and engaging environment to facilitate such learning goals, In the Economic Management Sciences curriculum we are developing a financial literacy app that allows the user to play a game that requires the user to apply the concepts learnt In class like budgeting and financial planning as well as Personal financial management and an understanding of the concept of money so that the learner uses the skills and integrating the concept of financial management, entrepreneurial skills and the sense of financial and economic agency.
skyClass can be fully integrated with the existing National I.E.B and D.O.E curriculum to facilitate the execution of learning goals and the national goal of migration to digital education. The target user for the service is learners in the leading private schools, in upper-middle income homes, in urban areas ranging from ages 10 to 16 who will be using their own tablets and personal computers. The learners will be given access to a digital learning management system to complete homework, tutorials, assessments while being provided with the necessary tools to manage their own learning and tackle learning objectives successful and freely through educational games, videos a library of extra materials to access information for learning support, research and to practice specific concepts.



skyClass is a mobile and web education platform that accelerates learning for South African school children between the ages of 10 and 16. The platform reinforces core concepts using a holistic learning methodology that includes immersive games, visual tutorials, quizzes and other subject material.