Mzanzi FM

Program: South Africa Summer 2015

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You know how people who are so used to listening to a certain local radio station such as UJfm, WitsFm, TuksFm tend to move to a different region in South Africa and won't be able to listen to them anymore

What we do as Mzanzi.FM is we going to create a platform for users to listen to local radio stations in anywhere in the country.

In fact we plan to also give a large content of a South Africa music content and the best part its ONLINE


Mzanzi.FM is an online music application that allows users to stream and share music online and on mobile phones. Additionally, users can compose their own playlists, listen to predefined playlists, select different mood playlists, and be informed of the latest tracks locally and around the world. Mzanzi.FM platform will allow users to share music using different kinds of social networks and will keep track of users’ top favourite tracks and songs.

Mzanzi.FM will work with local radio stations to help them reach a larger audience by broadcasting their content throughout the country. The larger audience will allow radio stations to increase broadcasting revenues, stay connected to their local stations from anywhere in the country, and allow local DJs to gain popularity.

Mzanzi.FM will use a subscription model for all the users on the platform and will also charge for advertising while streaming music.

Business Plan

Business Plan (pdf)