Program: Malaysia Summer 2014

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Imagine how great if a student could walk to a bus stop to take a campus bus that reaches just in time? They could adjust their travel plan to minimize waiting time. What if university could save monitoring costs, have better operational insights and control over the campus buses by adopting RunningBus solutions framework?

RunningBus can notify students when a bus is arriving at a bus stop. It provides live coordinates and even capacity of a campus bus on real time basis. This is an unprecedented feature as it could inform users about the capacity on the bus. We take it even further by providing simple-to-read, analytic-generated insights for clients to support their decision-making process.

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RunningBus adopts solution-driven marketing to approach clients to deliver needs-based fleet management solutions frameworks. Leveraging on hardware modularity combining with highly customizable big data analytic tools, RunningBus wants to facilitate its clients even with the tightest IT budget into the Internet of Things (IoT) era to achieve better monetary gain and decision support system.

RunningBus framework consists of four main components:
a. in-vehicle tracking device or RunningBus mobile app installed on driver’s smartphone, functioning as an automatic vehicle location system and detects capacity on a bus
b. batch processing on a back-end server which turns stored vehicle trajectories into route maps, schedules and prediction parameters
c. online processing on a back-end server which uses the real-time location of a vehicle to produce arrival time predictions
d. RunningBus mobile app that allows a user (student) to access current bus locations and predicted arrival times

RunningBus is a mobile application that reduces students’ waiting time for campus buses by notifying them when a bus is about to reach the bus stop. It lets you view live coordinates, estimated arrival time and capacity of campus buses that are installed with a GPS tracker within. Additionally, our clients could access to our highly customizable big data analytics tools that provide day-to-day business operation insights. Ultimately, our product solution is to increase users’ productivity, connectivity, safety and security.