Healthcare device for warning heart-attacks

Program: Peru Summer 2014


Did you know that in Peru there is an estimation that 500 heart-attacks occur per year? and that only 2 out of 3 people survive to this "silent killer"? These are numbers that are increasing each year based on a tone of reasons like a sedentary life, junk food, etc. That's why I created a project in which by using a bracelet, your heart can be tracked 24/7, but that´s not the main idea, cause you and me know that it actually exists...It pretty much saves your life warning about a heart-attack and calling 911 for immediate assistance. So that we forget about calling in the middle of the problem or having a person always looking after us. Don't you think it that would be worth investing in this revolutionary project?


This project consists in using bracelets that could lower down the deaths caused by heart-attacks. It uses three kinds of technologies: GPS system, biometric sensors (both of them used in existing bracelets manufactured by Nike for example), and a GSM interface. Pretty much this would work like this: The bracelet used by the person keeps track of his heart pulses so that by using some algorithms, it can detect if there is a big probability of happening a heart-attack; if it actually occurs, the device would send automatically a recorded voice to the emergency number 911 (and a relative number as well), indicating its position (given by the GPS system), so that they immediately send an ambulance to assist the person.