Program: Kenya Summer 2011


Tazama is a system that provides mobile users with real-time road traffic information thus enabling them to determine the best routes to take and times to move around. Tazama also helps PSV's and private transport owners (like schools and private companies) track their vehicles and operations, thereby increasing their productivity.




Tazama aims to solve two main pain points: people being caught up in traffic jams for many hours; and PSV/private transport owners losing revenue due to inadequate monitoring and reporting of their vehicle operations.
The system relies on GPS devices installed in these public/private transport vehicles (fleets). Through these devices the owners can track and monitor their vehicles effectively; the devices also relay real-time traffic information (based on the vehicles' movements) which is used to enable user to determine the state of the roads. A user can then chose the best routes and times to travel. The system also uses crowd-sourcing to collect traffic information: the inherent GPS capability of users phones is used to provide more data, which enhances the traffic information available. More users serve to increase the data available.
The target market includes general vehicle users (drivers/ passengers) since these are all affected by traffic. PSV/private owners are also targeted with the vehicle tracking facilities.
Revenue is accrued from the users who pay for using the traffic reporting sub-system. They can access this via SMS or a web interface. Web uses subscribe and are charged every time they make requests. SMS users are charged per sms request. Those who subscribe for vehicle tracking get GPS devices installed in their vehicles at a subsidized rate and pay a monthly fee for the service.