Program: Peru Summer 2014


Peruvian people love to play soccer as a hobby; they play at least once a week. Nevertheless sometimes it is really difficult to find people who play with in the same schedule or an available field in established time. Pichanga is a web&app that connects soccer players in order to organize matches easily and fastly. It allows finding and ranking players, teams, matches and available soccer fields nearby; everything in the same and unique place. Soccer players can join to matches and invite friends to participate; they even can create their own matches. They also can reserve and pay for the soccer fields. It is a social network for soccer lovers.


Pichanga social network connects soccer lovers and allows users the following functionalities; everything in a unique place, making the organization process of a soccer match easier and faster.

Players: Users can find and rank soccer players filtered by position, range of age, gender and ranking.

Teams: Users can:
• Create teams by inviting Facebook friends or e-mail.
• Join to team by accepting invitations of Facebook friends or e-mail.
• Find teams in a range of ages, gender and ranking
• Rank teams

Fields: Users can:
• Find and localize fields that are available at the required time filtered by: distance, price and number of players.
• See photos, maps and calendar of availability
• Reserve and pay for fields with a credit card or through a Payment Gateway
• Rank fields

Matches: Users can:
• Create a match as an event inviting teams or soccer players and registering hour, date and field
• Join to a match by accepting invitations
• Receive notification of the matches' programing
• Visualize the calendar of created and accepted matches.
• Share matches’ scores.