Gaming Platform for Skills' Measurement - Supérame / Top My Game

Program: Peru Summer 2014


For students and professionals who are looking to measure and improve their skills, "Supérame" (Top My Game) is a gaming platform that allows them to challenge themselves and others so they can increse their competitive levels by completing tests that evaluate different sets of skills that are evaluated when applying to a job. Unlike IQ tests, "Supérame" enforces competitivity by choosing gaming modes and categories.


"Supérame" (Top My Game) is a gaming platform that allows students who are looking to apply to a job and professionals who want to improve their current jobs; to measure their skills in different fields and to be able to improve them.

The platform will allow everyone to have a profile that will contain their personal, educational and professional information, the accomplishments achieved by competing against others and their ranking.

To begin, the users will have to choose between the different gaming modes (practice, challenge a friend, random opponent) and after they can pick the category (numerical, verbal, spacial, full) and the score made will allow them to move up or down in the ranking. They will also be able to unlock accomplishment badges that encourage them to keep playing and competing. To complement the users will receive daily tips related to interviews that will help them have all the tools when invited for a job evaluation.

We believe the platform will combine professionalism and gaming in a way that will allow users to become better and be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.