Program: South Africa Summer 2014

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It's a cold winter evening, you are putting in a last minute shift to meet a deadline the next day. You decide to take a short break and grab something in the kitchen.

As you approach the kitchen there's a sudden silence and darkness.

You will probably ask yourself: is it Eskom again? How much credit was left on the prepaid meter? My appliances are probably damaged! I should have charged my laptop!

You take a look outside and realize that your neighbors are fully powered up.

Now you need to find your meter in total darkness and check your balance. You are out of credit so you need to drive +-5km to your nearest petrol station to buy more.

You attempt to recharge, only to realize that your meter has a problem and not only that, you passed a store a block down that sells prepaid electricity. So who do you contact to log this fault?

While this is just one scenario, many South African residents and businesses experience all sorts of electricity related uncertainties and headaches.




An application that allows customers to report faults, check load shedding schedules, find the nearest prepaid vending stations, and check prepaid electricity balance.