Program: South Africa Summer 2014


The paper based system currently used by inspectors to capture critical information about the conditions of vehicles, accidents, and incidents has led to a collapse in risk and safety performance of the operations.

Rotran is responsible for servicing Eskom’s need to transport abnormal loads such as transformers and coal by road. Rotran transports coal between 8 power stations and 20 mines through the use of 70 transportation companies operating 700 trucks and somewhat 3000 drivers. The company employs 140 inspectors who are responsible for operations management and inspections of the trucks on the various routes.

Currently the inspectors rely on the manual paper-based process to capture incidents and faults.
The pink slip is a scalable mobile solution targeted at road transport companies. The pink enables accurate data capturing and management information for operational and risk management.


Rotran maintains a database of companies and trucks that are registered to offer transportation services for Eskom. While the bulk of this information is captured for vetting purposes and remains static in the database, there is a set of information that needs constant updating – this information relates to the daily monitoring of trucks, incidents and accidents. In order to capture records of incidents and accidents, a paper-based system is currently used to monitoring of trucks.

This process has led to human related errors and longer turn-around times which impacts the quality of reporting and compromise the risk and safety performance.