Program: South Africa Summer 2013


Are you in a hurry? Do you count every second of the day? Rushing to get to a store in time? Dreading that "Closed" sign?

For your shopping needs, ShopNow is a convenient and informative store finder that fits in your pocket.

ShopNow: Click. Find. Shop!


ShopNow is a consumer mobile advertising platform that provides store finding services to the user. ShopNow will first be making an appearance on the Google Play Store. The product offers:

+ Location based store finding services.
+ Store category filter.
+ Store open/closed filter.
+ Offers travel distance and estimated duration.
+ Store advertisements: sales, discounts, promotions and stock updates.
+ Personal touch: favourite shop list and offline store advertisement subscriptions.
+ User reviews for stores.
+ Allows store owners or users to add new stores to the database.

Users’ everyday shopping experiences will become more convenient and rewarding with the wealth of store information provided by ShopNow’s centralised store database.