Program: South Africa Summer 2013


Let us describe to you a problem you didn't even know you had. We know where to find answers but what if you don't know the questions?

Did you know that are food items you can eat to reduce your risk of developing cancer? Or that eating foods with the high amounts of antioxidants will keep you young? What eating foods that will fortify you against the flu?

We know an apple a day keep the doctor away. But what do you have to eat to keep the personal trainer away?

Peckish is an an app that takes your goals into account; lose weight, bulk up, increase longevity, minimize costs and so on. Peckish then references across libraries of nutritional data, great tasting recipes, pricing and item availability. Peckish the provides a shopping and meal plan with recipes.

Revenue will come from user subscriptions to top diet plans or to recipes from top chefs and from valuable anonymous user usage data.

Invest in Peckish to know that you don't just have the answers but that you've asked all the questions.

Peckish. Shop Better. Eat better. Live better.


Peckish is a mobile application that helps the user streamline and plan their diet and food shopping. Peckish helps users make comprehensive and involved food purchases with ease by taking into consideration numerous factors such as:

-User dietary restrictions: halaal, vegetarian, food allergies etc.
-User goals: maximise health, minimise cost, lose weight, bulk up, increase longevity, lower risk of developing cancer, keep me young, fortify immune system etc.
-Basic nutritional value of food items: the composition of items such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin content.
-Advanced nutritional effect of food items: what effect will consumption of food items have on the user in different quantities and over periods of time.
-Food availability: only suggest food items that are currently available within the store the user is in, through partnerships with major retailers.
-Food purchasing data: food quantities, typical expiration dates and prices are noted.
-Recipes: lists of great recipes that can be assembled into a meal to wholly meet user needs.

The user enters preferences and Peckish supplies an optimal customized shopping list and meal plan.

Peckish is a free application with full functionality as described above. Users pay to enhance their experience with subscriptions to special diet plans and to recipes from top chefs. The application also collects anonymous user experience and usage data which are sold to retail partners.