Sri Lanka Summer 2011

University of Moratuwa
June 27, 2011 to Aug. 5, 2011


June-August 2011 marks the inaugural offering of AITI’s Mobile Technologies and Entrepreneurship course in Sri Lanka, in cooperation with the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka’s premier technology and engineering university. During the six week course, Sri Lanka's best and brightest students will build real startups-- from ideation all the way through to initial launch. The course will culminate in a demo day in which the students will pitch their ventures to potential investors. Ultimately, AITI hopes that many of these startups will attract a round of funding, become profitable businesses, and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem for mobile entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka. Support for this year's program is made possible thanks to Google and MISTI, who continue to be generous patrons of AITI. Please visit our wiki for further details, and the sponsors page for a complete list of supporters.

MIT Instructors / Mentors

Michael Paik

Technical Lead

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Samidh Chakrabarti

Entrepreneurship Lead

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lisa Foo

Entrepreneurship Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Total Students: 29
  • Male Students: 26
  • Female Students: 3
  • Average Age: 30.0
  • Student Affiliation:
    • University of Moratuwa: 28
    • None: 1