India BMS Summer 2013

BMS College of Engineering
June 17, 2013 to July 26, 2013


Application Invited for the MIT AITI program in Bangalore & Mumbai, for an intensive 6 week part-time mobile/internet technology startup accelerator and software development workshop sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Google.

Students will learn entrepreneurship skills and software development skills for mobile and web platform based start ups. Additionally, each student team will develop a mobile/web business, service, or platform, idea and accompanying software or business proto-type throughout the 6 weeks. Many student teams continue their business idea development and eventually form real start up companies. The course will be instructed by alumni and current student/instructors from MIT's business and engineering schools.

The program is offered to 3rd and 4th year under-graduate engineers and first year MBA students who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Engineering students can come from any branch of engineering but must be proficient in at least one object oriented programming language. Also we prefer MBA first year students with only engineering background.

Program is structured to involve local industry experts, Investors, and experienced entrepreneur for maximum fine tuning of start up ideas, where towards the end of the program, teams shall be showcasing there final business plans and proto-type as a competition in front of industry expert as judges.

Two simultaneous workshops/program will be held, one in Bangalore and one in Mumbai, India. Students must live close to one of these locations to participate, however, the Bangalore location does have free food & lodging facility for selected outstation students.

Selected participating students shall get the post completion certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Last date to submit application via below link is 15th May 2013 & we will be selecting students on a rolling basis.

You can also review this video.

Interested students from prestigious schools, please complete this application.

For further information, please reach out to

MIT Instructors / Mentors

Abhishek Yadav

Entrepreneurship Lead

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Deepak Mohan

Technical Lead

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cody Coleman

Technical Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stephanie Schmit

Entrepreneurship Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Total Students: 35
  • Male Students: 31
  • Female Students: 2
  • Average Age: 27.0
  • Student Affiliation:
    • None: 13
    • BMS College of Engineering: 19
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 3