Ghana Achimota High School Summer 2003

Achimota School
June 1, 2003 to July 15, 2003


A team of 9 MIT student interns were in Accra, Ghana to implement the AITI program. The interns who were based in this capital city of Ghana taught a total of 96 students from two public high schools, Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School and Achimota School, and the University of Ghana. The technology course developed by MIT AITI had two objectives: At the high school level, the aim was to expose students to programming concepts and to inspire them to consider careers in IT. The objective at the university level was to teach good programming methodology and to encourage an applied problem-solving approach to programming. These objectives were executed using opensource and freely available technologies and software including J2SE, JSP, Apache WebServer, Tomcat and Sun One Studio IDE. Students who completed the course gained valuable technical knowledge in software development as well as practical programming skills.

Final Report