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Country: Sri Lanka

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Mobitel is Sri Lanka's National Mobile services provider. After being acquired by Sri Lanka Telecom in 2002, Mobitel has grown by leaps and bounds and is now on par technologically with the very latest in the Sri Lankan telecommunications industry. Mobitel is the first mobile operator to launch super 3.5G HSPA technology in South Asia.

With a strategy of 'Value Innovation', the Mobitel customer is always a winner. We believe that technology for its own sake is meaningless, and foster an organizational culture that focuses on Customer Centricity. This philosophy is a way of life at Mobitel and enables us to build long lasting relationships with our Customers. Our 100% customer growth between the year 2005 and 2006 speaks for itself. The features and benefits built into the Innovative packages that we offer are all designed carefully with our customer's best interest at heart, because "We Care Always". This has enabled us to achieve phenomenal results.

Mobitel is now in a unique position as the 'National' mobile service provider and has positioned itself to be in the vanguard of the mobile telephony sector. From here onward, we will continue to offer even more value to the most important person on our horizon: Our Customer.


Sri Lanka Summer 2011

Special Thanks to Mobitel, a MIT AITI Sri Lanka Demo Day Co-Sponsor