Sri Lanka Summer 2011 Materials

University of Moratuwa
June 27, 2011 to Aug. 5, 2011


  • We have created a "Startup Dashboard" the details all the business tasks your team must complete in order to launch your startup. You must have each item on this list approved by an instructor. Teams that do not finish all the items will not be invited to participate in Demo Day.



  • Upcoming Deadlines
    • Engineering
      • 19th July: Rough Prototype Due (Minimal Functionality)
      • 22nd July: Feature Freeze (No More New Features)
      • 25th July: Code Freeze (Only Bug Fixes Allowed)
      • 1st August: Final Product Due (No More Work!)
    • Business
      • 18th July: Final One Pager Due
      • 22nd July: Initial Pitch Deck Due
      • 26th July: Revised Pitch Deck Due
      • 29th July: Initial Pitch Presentation
      • 2nd August: Final Pitch Deck & Presentation
  • Upcoming Events
    • 20th July: Critique Day (Get feedback on Business)
    • 23rd July: Charm School ("Soft skills" for Meetings & Presentations)
    • 27th July: Negotiation Day (Get contracts with Operators)
    • 30th July: Guest Speaker (Sanjiva Weerawarana)
    • 3rd August: Demo Day (Pitch to Investors)
  • See Full Calendar for details


Entrepreneurship Curriculum




Technical Curriculum