Rwanda Summer 2011 Materials

Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
June 13, 2011 to July 22, 2011


  • One representative from each team will present the team's business pitch on Thursday, July 14
  • The preliminary version of the  Technical Demo Specifications has been posted. See the Project Specs section.
  • Class will begin Monday June 13th.

Software Development


The readings for each lecture are

  1. Lecture 00: Introduction
  2. Lecture 01: Python Overview | Worksheet
  3. Lecture 02: Variables, Strings, Numerics, Booleans | Worksheet
  4. Lecture 03: Control Structures | Worksheet
    1. Think Python: Chapters 5 and 7
  5. Lecture 04: Data Structures | Worksheet
    1. Think Python: Chapters 10, 11, and 12
  6. Lecture 05: Functions
    1. Think Python: Chapters 3 and 4
  7. Lecture 06: Classes
  8. Lecture 07: Inheritance
  9. Lecture 08: Exceptions
  10. Lecture 09: Django Overview
  11. Lecture 10: Django Models
  12. Lecture 11: Django Views, URLConfs, and Templates
    1. Movie Project Files (.zip archive)
  13. Lecture 12: Django Forms, Static Files, and Modular Appearances


  1. Lab 01: Python Interpreter
  2. Lab 02: Variables, Strings, Numerics, Booleans
  3. Lab 03: Control Structures
  4. Lab 04: Data Structures | Skeleton Python File
    1. Binary Search
    2. Breadth-First Search and Depth-First Search (for Challenge Problem)
  5. Lab 05: Functions
  6. Lab 06: Classes
  7. Lab 07: Inheritance

Django Labs

  1. Lab DJ01: Models


Project Specs

Technical Demo Specifications
Project Files (zip): Templates for SMS Interface and Blank Text Form, View Function Stub, URL Stub

SMSlib Zip

Zip with SimpleApp for reading aiti_django_text.html templated responses


  • Tuesday, July 19 @ 5 PM: Working technical demo is due (submit to Will and Zach)
  • Wednesday, July 20 @ 5 PM: Business Pitch Slides (submit to Christina)
  • Wednesday, July 20 @ 11 PM: Final technical demo is due (submit to Will and Zach)

Business Pitch Slides Template



Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist -- free eBook

Dive into Python -- free eBook



Django Book -- online resource with chapters for the major topics in Django (written by the developers)

Django Testing Documentation -- How to use Django's testing framework!

Django Tutorials -- list of tutorials related to Django topics

The Django Tutorial -- a tutorial from the makers of Django itself!

Intro to Unintrusive Javascript with Django -- Using AJAX with Django; a full-scale tutorial.

RapidSMS -- SMS Framework using Django -- Django + SMS, all in one framework!

GeoDjango Tutorials and Resources

Comprehensive GeoDjango/Google Maps Tutorial

Google App Engine




1. Lecture 00: Introduction
2. Lecture 01: Design Thinking
3. Lecture 02 & 03: Identifying Opportunities & Team Formation
4. Lecture 04: The Business Case & Pricing


 1. Virtual City Case Study
1a. Virtual City Case Study - Preparation Guide



Articles and Blogs

1. Meeting Customer Needs: M-Pesa Kenya - Harvard Business School article

Interesting Companies

1. Mocality: Mobile-based business directory in Kenya
2. CellBazaar: Mobile-based market information company in Bangladesh
3. SchoolSMS: Allows parents to get children's exam results, ask about fees, etc. in Kenya
4. Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing via mobile phones for information collection and interactive mapping
5. ZipDial: Phone number verification company and more in India
6. Kopo Kopo: Enables enterprises to accept mobile payments in Kenya
7. NikoHapa: Note your location with your mobile phone and find out where your friends are
8. Rupu: Get coupons and deals via your mobile phone in Kenya
9. SMS GupShup: SMS-based social networking service in India

10. Airbnb: Rent a room in someone's house, or their whole house, in the U.S.

11. Virtual City


Mobile Application Development

1. Apps4Africa
2. Pivot 25: Mobile Apps & Developer Conference
2. Grameen Foundation Technology Initiative
4. IPO48: 48 hour bootcamp in Nairobi August 2011


 MIT 100K Pitch from Sanergy