Malaysia Summer 2014 Materials

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
July 1, 2014 to Aug. 15, 2014

This page will be updated frequently with new material. Please check back often.


Fill out the survey to help guide team formation according to what ideas you're all most passionate about.

Class Communication

Facebook Group - Please request access so we can add you!

We will be using Piazza this summer! This is the perfect place to post questions, comments, or insights about the class. You can of course still use email to communicate with us, but if you ask questions here your classmates can also help you out and other people who are having the same problems. We encourage you to ask questions when you're struggling to understand a concept—you can even do so anonymously.

Introductory Materials

Pre-program survey

Introduction to the Program

Preliminary Schedule

Welcome to GSL - June 30th


Preparation Materials

Before the program starts, we ask that all technical students install the required software detailed in the installation guide below. All students should have a look at the preparation materials and additional resources. There's much more material than you can go through in the time before the program, but take whatever free time you have to prepare. Technical students, please start familiarizing yourself with Python. All students, especially the entrepreneurial students, glance through the provided links to get in the entrepreneurial mindset.

NOTICE: Apparently Dropbox doesn't like lots of people downloading large files at once. Go figure. They temporarily suspended my shared links, so I'm working on another solution. Please be patient. It doesn't help that my internet is kind of slow.

IN THE MEANTIME: Please install Python and Django on your personal laptop following the links in Option 2. That way you're all prepared for Day 1.


Course Material