Ghana Summer 2012 Materials

University of Ghana, Legon
June 18, 2012 to Aug. 3, 2012

Welcome to MIT AITI Ghana 2012!

Thank you for attending MIT AITI Ghana 2012!  We're excited to have you on board.  Please find some useful information about the program below.


2 August: Final Demo Day!  Schedule and presentation requirements are here.

27 July: advertisements/promotional materials due

25 July: Business Plan due

23 July: Mobile Monday event at AITI-KACE, 2nd Avenue, Opposite Council of State (optional)

20 July: Design Document due

18 July: Business pitch competition, 1:30 pm

9 July: Alumni Panel, 11 am

4 July: Elevator pitch competition, 1:30 pm

29 June: No class on Monday, 2 July.  Happy Republic Day!

25 June: Google is hosting a life stream of its I/O developer conference in San Francisco on 27, 28, and 29 June.  Have free time in the evenings and want to attend?  Check it out!  More info from Ato is here.

On that note, Google is sponsoring a couple of competitions, one involving Google Apps, and  


We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas.  Feel free to email your instructors at if you have any questions or thoughts.

Do you want to provide anonymous feedback to the instructors?  Fill out this form and we'll read your input.  Your name won't be attached.


Please fill out the attendance sheet every day: attendance survey.


Technical Laboratories & Lectures


Android Intro and Layouts


Django Lecture 02  | Django Lecture 03 | Django Lecture 04 | Django Lecture 05 

Django Lecture 06 | Django Lecture 07


Lecture 01 | Lecture 02 | Lecture 03 | Lecture 04 | Lecture 05

Lecture 06 | Lecture 07 | Lecture 08 | Lecture 09

Zoo Assignment

Other resources

RegEx cheat sheet

Weekend Google Doc for questions

Blog contest is here!

Final Project Links

Sign up for a time to discuss your final project idea with the instructors here.


Entrepreneurship Lectures

Week 7

Session 31: Customer Service
ZenDesk webinars on how to delight customers and exceed their expectations 

Week 6

Minimum Viable Product

Week 5

Buiness Pitch & Plan Requirements 
Guest speaker contact information
Session 22: Go to Market

Week 4: July 9-13 - writing week!

Session 15: Alumni Panel 11 am | Session 16: Business Plans & Writing workshop, session I; TECHNO visit 1:30 pm | Session 17: Writing workshop, session II; Tigo visit 10 am | Session 18: Business Pitch Intro | Session 19: Finances

Bonus! What, specifically, is wrong with these sentences?  Can you rewrite them and make them better?

Week 3: July 3-6

Session 11: Elevator Pitch Prep | Session 12: Elevator Pitch! | Session 13: Market Research | Session 14: Final Idea Pitch to Instructors

Weekend assignment: market research

Week 2: June 25-June 29

Session 06: Market Sizing | Session 07: Team Formation | Session 08: Elevator Pitch Intro | Session 09: Networking | Session 10: Team Dynamics & Contract

Week 1: June 18-June 22

Session 01: Introductions | Session 02: Entrepreneurship | Session 03: Mindset | Session 04: Ideas, Opportunities, Teamwork | Session 05: Fufu and Problem Solving

Teamwork: What works, what doesn't work, five rules for working in a team

Weekend assignment: 

  • Estimate how many kilograms of fufu are eaten in one year by students at the University of Ghana, Legon
  • Write down every step and what logic you used to arrive at your final number
  • Write down all of your assumptions
  • First, write on paper, then write in an email to Sondy or the instructors' email above by 9 am on Monday