Yes! Halfway done through the program with success!!!

Sri Lanka Summer 2015 Blog

Written by: Nitah Onsongo

July 20, 2015

The GSL program being 7weeks, going through the 4th week meant halfway done. It left like the 4th week was moving rather sluggishly especially having taught on Sunday. On Monday, the13th of July, we introduced prototyping and UI/UX design. It was very clear that the students had been looking up to the start of technical content especially because almost all come from technical backgrounds. Perla started of her technical content with so much energy and engagement from the class.  On the entrepreneurship side, we went on to cover steps 8 to 13 from the core book - Disciplined Entrepreneurship. We put emphasis on quantifying their value propositions because it would be the basis of most of the subsequent steps. 

On Wednesday, the students were pleased to have Mr. Jeevan Gnanam, CEO of Orion City and Founding Director of the Lanka Angels Network (LAN) come in and address them. He himself being an investor, pointed out things they look out for from young entrepreneurs seeking investments. The students pitched their problem statements to him and got to listen to his earnest feedback from an investor's point of view. The feedbacks were well received especially with students whose ideas sounded appealing to him. However, some students felt turned down and we as instructors reinforced the fact that it was feedback from just only one of the many investors they would find in the real world. 

On Thursday, we visited University of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka's MIT - where we had a meeting with the Vice chancellor and representatives from all faculties. The faculty were very enthusiastic to learn the MIT way of doing things with a vision of providing excellence to the students. They really wanted to understand the entrepreneurial culture of MIT and the functioning of the Martin Trust Center.

Friday concluded the week with a debrief meeting between WSO2, University of Moratuwa and the MIT instructors. We rolled out logistics for the big demo day event. Additionally, we had a 2014 GSL alum come in and share his experiences with the class. The week ended with students getting a long assignment as their milestone number 7 to be submitted on the following Monday.