From problems onto solutions

Sri Lanka Summer 2015 Blog

Written by: Nitah Onsongo

July 12, 2015

The third week came to an end with students having been brought to the solutions stage which they had been eagerly waiting for. The first two weeks concentrated on ideation and the third week solely focused on the market that is the customer. We managed to cover market segmentation, targeting and positioning and there were guest lectures on these from Leslie, a lecturer at PIM in Sri Lanka. This constituted milestone number 4 that the students had to apply to their problems and deliver. User profiling, the persona, full life cycle use case and TAM were then taught to the students leading to milestone 5. Students had difficulty in completing these milestones but we pushed them to doing things well. 

Following a feeling that we were lagging behind in terms of the curriculum, we the instructors decided to start having classes over the weekendswith the students preferring Sundays over Saturdays because of classes they were attending in their universities. We also came to an agreement to extend classes to 8pm as opposed to 7pm. Hence giving us 4hours a day 4pm to 8pm. We had our debriefing meeting with the sponsors - Brandix and WSO2 - on Friday and made some logistic plans concerning the big day 'The Demo Day'. This brought the 3rd week to an end.