MIT GSL Sri Lanka 1st day

Sri Lanka Summer 2015 Blog

Written by: Nitah Onsongo

June 26, 2015

The MIT GSL Sri Lanka 2015 started of with high energy. The instructors (Perla, Pallavi, Joseph and Nitah) met with the program sponsors - Brandix and WSO2 - to outline each stakeholders' expectations clearly. Later on, we got to welcome the students to the program at WSO2 headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The first day was focused on introductions and outlining the 7week schedule. We did the marsh mallow challenge as an ice breaker to get the students challenged and also as a fun group activity. There were 6 teams and team number 2 emerged as the winners with one team having a negative value. The students really enjoyed the activity and got more motivated to attend the program. The first day was a huge success.