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Sri Lanka Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Emily Zhang

July 25, 2012

It has been a while since my last post here. We've been pretty busy putting everything together for each of of AITI Olympics event. In the meantime, these are the startups that have been created by our students:


Bitwave's product, Customizerlk, is Sri Lanka's first online t-shirt customizing website. They address the problem of the lack of an efficient, easy, and inexpensiveway to customize t-shirts by creating a website that allows users to design t-shirts without fancy software and without the need to outsource the design process. Bitwave has a lot of potential because many university clubs and companies look for customized t-shirts. The current process of creating a customized t-shirt is tedious-- one must describe a design to a manufacturer and then visit them to confirm that your design is good. Customizerlk will greatly expedite and simplify this process.


FireLimeZ's vision is to become the pioneer in child health mobile solutions by providing healthcare features to parents. Their product, Senehasa, is a mobile application that will track a child's vaccination times and provide a height-to-weight ratio chart. Additionally, they will also provide information about medical centers nearby to the user, in case of illness in unfamiliar areas. Senehasa is a pioneer in their field because they are the first to bring a localized child health solution application to Sri Lanka. 


GlassCUBE is a group of six engineers who are very transparent (hench, GlassCUBE) about their goal of providing solutions to everyday problems at a fraction of the cost. Their product is DriveMODE, a mobile application that provides a hands-free solution to taking phone calls while driving. This simple product is a simple alternative to more expensive bluetooth headsets and clunky hands-free sets. It also promotes safe driving, as driving with both hands on the wheel is the law in Sri Lanka. 


Weddings in this part of the world are very elaborate and take years to plan out. With innoWIDE's product Dehadak, wedding planning in Sri Lanka will become much more organized and easier. Their mobile and application provides a collaborative environment for couples to plan their weddings, step-by-step. Features include a collaborative to-do list and notification system, a budget management tool, and a business directory and review system. Brides-to-be in Sri Lanka are probably breathing a sigh of relief, as Dehadak provides an exhaustive checklist of everything couples must do before the wedding right at their fingertips. 

NIC2 Solutions

NIC2 Solutions' product Katha Puncha, or Little Storyteller in English, is a mobile application designed to give parents of Sri Lankan children a database of Sri Lankan stories that will teach historical, cultural, and literary values to their children. As the world becomes flatter, and as economic forces drive cultural change, many cultural stories and values are lost. Katha Puncha helps parents preserve culture and entertain their kids at the same time. 


Reach is a product developed by Velox, that provides bus route information to anyone traveling in Colombo. Currently, there is no system for bus tracking, and alternatives (taxi, tuk-tuk) are much more expensive. If one finds himself in an unfamiliar area in Colombo, he can use Reach to determine what the best route to get to his destination is. Velox hopes to add value to Sri Lanka's transportation sector with Reach


ZoomEx envisions themselve to the world's most dynamic waste management company. Their product Green Mart is Sri Lanka's first IT-based waste management solution. Essentially, companies who have waste can sign up on Green Mart and list what they have. Recycling centers will then bid upon the trash. This innovative product is the first of its kind and will promote eco-friendliness and build value recognition in companies who are green.