South Africa Summer 2017 Blog

University of the Witwatersrand
June 26, 2017 to July 29, 2017

Day 10: Value Proposition, Core, and Competitive Position

Erin Golden

July 6, 2017

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed learning more about your value proposition, core, and charting your competitive position!  Please see today's slides at this link:

Each team should have received a handout in class on tonight's assignment.  Details below: 

Slide 1: Title 

*Slide 2: End User Profile - Key Features: gender, age range, income range, geographic location, motivations, fears, passions, hobbies, why are they going to use this product?

*Slide 3: User Persona - One real person who represents your ideal customer from the group of people who represent your end user profile

*Slide 4: Decision Making Unit - Define the following:

Champion - who is going to push to get this product? 

Economic Buyer - who will eventually put down the money to acquire your product?

End User - who will be using your product on a day to day basis?

Primary or Secondary Influencer - this person’s opinion highly influences the DMU

Person with Veto Power - if this person is not on board, the product will not be bought

Gatekeepers - people who allow you access to the decision makers

*Slide 5: User Needs - Description of needs met by each page of the storyboard and its functionality

Slide 6: Storyboard - Visual representation of functionalities

Slide 7: “As-Is” v “Possible” State - Visual illustration of your QVP (Quantified Value Proposition)

Slide 8: Define Your Core - What is it that allows you to deliver the benefits your customers value with much greater effectiveness than any other competitor?

Slide 9: Chart your Competitive Position - Provide a graph that shows how well you fulfill your

Persona’s top two priorities versus how well your competition does so.

**If your product has a 2-sided market, please provide a slide for each side for your End User Profile, User Persona, DMU, and User Needs


Please let us know if you have any questions! See you all tomorrow.



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi

Day 9: Concept Generation

Jayanthi Jayakumar

July 6, 2017

Hi Team,

Great job on translating all of your ideas and market research until this point into concepts today. As you may have noticed, we waited 8 days to talk about product design and development. This is so that you all have an opportunity to really understand your customers' needs in an inquiry mode, without any bias, and understand the market dynamics. We hope that the exercises today helped your teams internally align on the top needs for the customers and develop features for your app to address those needs. We also hope that you were able to start putting those features into a storyboard that will serve as your starting point for the final concept.


Please find here the link to the slides from Day 9 that go over the process for concept generation:


A few reminders about today's lessons:

  • 1 slide with a list of customer needs and app features to address those needs due July 6th at midnight
  • 1 slide with a storyboad of your app due July 6th at midnight
  • Over the next few days, test your storyboard with the end-users in your beachhead market and ask for their feedback. As we discussed in class today, the concept stage is one of the easiest and best times to iterate over your design. It will be relatively fast to do it now and will give you confidence that your beachhead market will benefit from your product.
  • For the teams with the two-sided market, please also spend time over the next few days to generate concepts for the other side of your market. 


Thank you!

Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, Jayanthi 

Day 8: Personas, User Needs and Decision Making Units!

Nupur Dokras

July 4, 2017

Hi everybody!

Woot! You made it through one more long, but hopefully fun day of GSL! We covered a ton of information today after going through your Beachhead Market and TAM presentations, including Personas, User Needs and Decision Making Units. 

Please remember Thursday night 7/6/17 you will have the following deliverables due at 11:59PM based on today's curriculum. You will have more slides due that night based off of tomorrow and Thursday's material so please get a head start on these assignments:

  • Persona
    • If you have a double sided market, please create a slide for each side of the market
  • User Needs
  • Decision Making Unit


You can find the link to the slides we covered today at the following site:


Great job! We are very excited to see your projects come together and cannot wait to get into Concept Generation tomorrow!!



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, Jayanthi

Day 7: End User Profile and TAM

Erin Golden

July 4, 2017

Hi GSL Participants, 

We survived Monday! We know that it was a rough day after the eventful weekend you had conducting interviews and market research. However, we made it. One more day down! 
I have attached the slides from today, please let us know if you have any questions on the Beachhead Market, TAM or User Profile. 
Below you will find the assignment due tonight. The Beachhead market portion is what you submitted yesterday. Feel free to edit or revise based on your conversations with the instructors. The only new thing that you need to submit tonight is the calculation on ONE Total Addressable Market.  Feel free to complete one more, but you are only required to submit ONE tonight. 

  • Slides on Beachhead Market

    • Edit the slides you submitted last night to reflect feedback you received today

    • Make sure you have a slide or are ready to speak to what you learned through your market research

      • What was the same as what you expected?

      • What was different from what you expected?

  • Slides on TAM

  • Please email all slides in a powerpoint presentation

  • You will be given 7 minutes to present and 3 minutes for Q&A tomorrow


Day 6: Beachhead Market Selection

Erin Golden

June 30, 2017

Hi Team,

Thanks for an exciting, interactive first week!  We really enjoyed getting to know all of you and learning more about your startup ideas.  Use the rest of today and this weekend to focus on your primary market research: get out there and talk to people!  After you have a better understanding of 4-6 top markets that you want to focus on, choose your beachhead m arket based on the discussion we had in class.  Look back on the "Golden Gadgets" activity if you need more help here. 

Here is the link to the slides from Day 6:


We'll be available to help you out this weekend if you get stuck- just shoot us a quick email! 



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi

Day 5: Market Segmentation & Primary Market Research

Jayanthi Jayakumar

June 30, 2017

Hi Team,


Great job yesterday! Market segmentation is one of the most important steps in understanding your customers and it is also the hardest part. Selecting the market segments you want to focus on is also a valuable step in helping your company align on your goals at a deeper level. Doing primary market research over the next few days will help you gain more clarity on how to segment your customers. 


Please find here the link to the slides from Day 5 that go over market segmentation and primary market research:


Let us know if you have any questions! 



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi


Day 4: Team Assessment and Secondary Market Research

Erin Golden

June 28, 2017

Hi Participants,


We hope you enjoyed today's lesson on Secondary Market Research.  Best of luck with completing your two assignments for tonight:

1. Team Agreement

2. Secondary Market Research Slide Deck

Today's deck can be found at this link:

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.  

See you tomorrow!

-Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi