Day 16: Business Plans, Pricing, LTV & Mapping the Sales Process

South Africa Summer 2017 Blog

Written by: Nupur Dokras

July 15, 2017

Hi all!

Thanks a great week! We covered a ton and I cannot wait to see how you guys use the concepts we covered in the Hackathon to make some stellar progress on your apps/websites/mobile solutions!


Please find the slides from Day 16 on Business Models, Pricing, LTV and Sales Mapping Process here.


Additionally, you can find the LTV model we talked through in class here. Please download the file to make edits to it when you play around with it for your own businesses.


Lastly, your assignments from Friday's class are due at 11:59pm Monday. Here is what needs to be included in your slide deck for Monday. Please note we did not cover COCA and Next 10 Customers Friday, but did cover the sales process which was supposed to be on Thursday on Friday so the deliverables are different than what is on the syllabus. They should include the following:


  • Business Model
  • Potential Pricing
  • LTV of a customer
  • Map of the sales process
  • Backup slides:
    • Business Model - 3 Options (Add the three options you identified in a Backup slide. You do not have to present it in class but we want to be able to see how you chose to use your current Business Model)
    • Value Created and captured - this could be shown on your Business Model slide or separately in backup.
    • Include anything else that helps show how you arrived at your current stage. The more material you give us, the more feedback we can give to help!

 Thanks and good luck on the Hackathon! Go Team!